GuiderGlobe is a Personalized Learning App, specially designed for training & assessing the aspirants those who are perusing their carrier in Various Government Competitive Exams & Other Competitive Exams.GuiderGlobe Assessment Features will help the aspirants to identify their Strength & weakness and Highly Qualified Mentors will guide them Accordingly.Notification

You will get regular Notification related to this Application as well as all the Exams.Doubt Clarification

We have an Option of asking Doubts in this Application. Our Experts will clarify all your Doubt then & there.Video Explanation

Each & Every Question has a Separate Video Explanation, for your Better Understanding.Guidelines & Study Planner

Experts will act as a Mentor for Providing Proper Guidelines & we will Provide you Exclusive Study Planner for Each & Every Courses. This will helps in a huge manner for Planning your Own Study Plan.Sample Question Sets

We come up with a Large Numbers of Question Sets which helps the aspirants to get access for taking more Number of tests. In addition Topic wise test is also provided.Difficulty Level

Students who are taking test will be getting access for taking the test from Basic level to Advance Level. Which will definitely help the student to improve his quality in a systematic way to a Higher Performer.Comparison

The Students can compare his/her mark with the Top Performer in this application. Not only the Toppers, but also he/she can compare with the Fellow Community members of this Application to self assess his Strength & weakness which helps him/her to improve better.Compare yourself with Toppers

With the presence of personalized setup, Individually you can Follow the Topper’s Exam, you can Compare yourself with the Toppers score. You can Even follow their Test Topics Taken & you can view what sought of doubts they have asked.Artificial Intelligence

With the help of Artificial Intelligence Incorporated, we have made this setup in a structured systematic way, which will helps you to make even stronger in your all aspects.

Presence of Social Networking
Our Portal will act as social Network Specially designed for the Study Pattern. You can share your Question paper with your Friends who already a member of this App. You can Follow your Friend , you can Compare yourself & this Healthy Competition will Definitely make you surprise for achieveing Better Results.